“I was in the shower this morning and the angels told me that I’m to teach you a massage.”

Sometimes wanting one income to be enough for a family of five just isn’t enough.  And three growing, active boys can be a lot.  My entrepreneurial-minded brain started churning. How could I make something work from home?  Not to brag, but I was always being told how much people loved my cooking, so why not start my own personal chef business? So I started doing the groundwork to pull it all together, got my first customer and I was off and running.

It was about that time that an intuitive massage therapist friend reached out to me to say, “I was in the shower this morning and the angels told me that I’m to teach you massage.”  

While this might be a little weird for some to hear, I took this as a very “Lindsey” thing to say.  I thanked her (and told her to thank her angels, too, of course), but explained I was starting this other business.  She went on to tell me that when I put my hands on someone, I would know what their body needed.

Sounds pretty cool, right?

But this other venture spoke to me too.  After several weeks of her consistently, gently but firmly pushing me to at least try, I knew she was not giving up and I needed to at least try.

I begged a friend to join me as a favor to go to her studio just to get her off my back (no pun intended).  She simply had me lay hands on my friend’s back and it was like her body started whispering to me, telling me everything her body craved. At that moment, I knew it was my calling.

My friend taught me the basics, and each week working with a different friend.  And while I couldn’t even begin to pay her for her time, what I could do was cook for her family.  THAT’s where my personal chef business started and ended.

Fast forward, 20+ years later, I eventually went to massage school to get certified and then licensed in massage therapy.  Today, my wellness practice continues to expand and my toolbox gets bigger and more diverse.  I work with a beautiful variety of modalities:  essential oils, oxygenation sessions, sound therapy, forest bathing and more!  All of them spoke to me and I listened.

So when an unexpected message comes your way, take a moment and have the courage to follow them.  It could very well be what connects you to your path, passion and purpose in life.


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