Why I Got Started Using Essential Oils

“I can feel my feet for the first time in five years.”

You know when you’re in the right place at the right time, it can’t be anything less than divine intervention.

When a rather intuitive friend of mine told me that an essential oil technique called Raindrop could really help people with Multiple Sclerosis and to keep an ear open for those who need it, I listened.  And low and behold the very next week, for the first time in my career, someone approached me and said, “I have MS and conventional medicines are just not working. Do you know of anything holistically?”

It was like I was being punked! So I explained to Robyn what my friend told me and she asked me if I would please get the training and work on her.

And as The Universe would have it, the very next month there was a class in nearby New York City a few weeks later.

I bought the Raindrop Kit, and another little “starter kit” with some commonly-used oils, to give THIS brand a try.  I took the class with a bunch of experienced “oilers” and felt a little out of place because I hadn’t even opened the boxes of oils. Now, it might seem like a natural transition to use essential oils in a massage practice, but while they told us about them in school, I just hadn’t found any that worked.  And I tried a LOT.  So needless to say, I approached this class with a healthy dose of skepticism.

However, I became curious because of all the profound testimonials people were sharing about the power of these little bottles.  After the training, I found some guinea pig friends to work on, but I remained hesitant.

Then I worked on Robyn.

The Raindrop Technique involves applying ten different essential oils in a specific way on the bottom of the feet and then using specific strokes to apply the oils on the back.  After she turned on her back, she started to weep.  I gently asked her if she was ok and she told me she could feel her feet for the first time in 5 years.  I think we were both in shock.  At the end of the session, she told me that having MS was like a monster whispering in her ear about her disease 24/7 every single day … but that right now, there was no monster.

In those precious moments, our lives changed. For Robyn, it came in the form of hope. I was excited about the possibilities of how I could help others. But in reality, it opened a door to a way of life I never knew existed. A life of self-empowerment, serving others on their health journey, and always being the best-smelling person in the room!

Have you ever had a Raindrop before? What was your experience like?