My mission is to joyfully guide those seeking grounding and peace to personally connect with nature, inviting them to tap into their inner child, play outside and explore without feeling alone, awkward, or lost in the woods. I hope you will join me! 
- Suzanne
"Go play outside..."

I heard this literally every day of my life as I was growing up, so it’s no wonder that it is deeply ingrained in my DNA. My brothers were nearly grown when I was born and we didn’t live in a neighborhood with other kids. And while Marcia Brady always had good advice and I loved singing along with Laurie Partridge, my parents saw how easy it was for me to sit alone, mesmerized by the tv and they weren’t having any of it.  “Suzy, go outside and play!” and the TV got turned off.

Subsequently, fresh air and sunshine were often my playmates; climbing trees and playing “Little House on the Prairie” in the backyard was how I spent a lot of my free time. It became a part of who I was. It's not surprising that as I adult my way through life, days spent hiking with friends and jumping in waterfalls with my husband, awaken my cells and allow me to reconnect with my inner child.

During the last 3 years, as we were encouraged to keep our distance, I found myself once again mesmerized, binge-watching entire seasons in one afternoon. I became a futuristic Alice in Wonderland caught down a virtual rabbit hole, scrolling on my phone, watching videos of other people living THEIR lives out loud while I was self-isolating. I was determined to break away from my technology addiction, even though it is not an easy thing to overcome.
Does any of this sound familiar?
From the time that trees and humans shared the earth, we have intuitively known we have an undeniable connection and now modern science is catching up.  That swirling misty breeze we feel at the edge of a waterfall is filled with negative ions that boost our mood.  Walking barefoot in the grass can reduce inflammation in the body.  Entering a forest immediately reduces our body’s stress hormone production.

So whether you are a tree hugger from way back or when you go into the woods you feel a little lost, I invite you to join me on my earthly explorations, discovering peace, joy, and wonder in nature. Come play outside with me!
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