When I see leaves dancing merrily to the ground, I can literally feel their relief of a life well-lived.  While I imagine their excitement in Spring to be born to such a beautiful world, their reaching up to the sun to fuel their growth, their glee in a summer rain shower after a hot day … I also imagine how much they wanted to feel the stillness of the earth and how they longed to experience the softness of the grass.

We all deserve rest because rest means renewal.

Did you know this about trees?
  • They shed their leaves to conserve water and energy
  • They transport essential nutrients from the leaves to the roots for storage
  • During Winter’s state of dormancy, their metabolic processes slow to conserve energy
  • They repair damaged tissues and prepare for Spring
All of these processes help trees ensure their survival and growth.  Each season plays a crucial role in the tree’s life cycle.
Kind of like us, don’t you think?  The same things happen to us when WE sleep. We slow down, repair, restore.  
Sometimes, perspective, understanding and anticipation can help us shift our mindset from mourning to joy. 

Fall is a celebration of life, a burst of glory so that renewal can begin again. Finding beauty in all seasons allows us a deeper connection and sense of harmony with our natural world. 

What do you love most about Fall?


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